Luoyang TiHot Railway Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Development History

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Development History

In May 2017, we established the heat treatment workshop section.

In January 2017, Asset Management Department, Construction Machinery Business Division,

New Industry Division, Electrical Laboratory were combined to set up Industry Development Department.

In February 2015, we set up Production Center and Asset Management Department, and Production

Center sets up two departments of Production Safety Department and Logistics Management Department.

In February 2015, we set up Technology Center, consisting of Quality Assurance Department, New Industry

Department (Engineering Office), Physico-chemicalTesting. Department:

In February 2015, the 1st machine workshop and the 2nd machine workshops were combined to form machining workshop.

In October 2014, the forging workshop moved to Pengpo Town ofYichuan County, anduyres restructuredhas Forging Branch Company.

In March 2014, Chen Xiangping, a standing member of municipal party committee, deputy nayorand director of municipal party committee united front work department, visited our company for investigation and guidance.

In March 2014, we invested to establish Luoyang Liantai Railway Equipment Co., Ltd.jointly with Zhuzhou Lince Group Co., Ltd.

In July 2012, we wholly funded to establish Luoyang Yongchen Locomotive Industry Co.,Ltd.

In June 2009, we wholly funded to establish Luoyang TiHot Yongjia Locomotive Parts Co.,Ltd.

In June 2008, the 3rd machine workshop and the 2nd machine workshop were combinea

In November 2007, we established equipment workshop, accelerating R&D and produeation of equipment produetsa.

In the first half of 2007, Kingdee K3 informatization platform was 'established andput into use formally in June 2007.

On August , 2007, Lian Weiliang, served as standing member of provincial party commitee andmunigipal party secretary

visited our company for guidance.

On June 15, 2007, we set up Electrical Laboratory.

On May 31, 2007, the company was founded.

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