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Luoyang Tihot Railway Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is derived from Machinery Manufacturing Business Division of CRRC Luoyang Co., Ltd. which was reconstructed into an independent incorporated company according to national state-owned enterprises reconstructing policy in 2007. The company is a machinery manufacturing and service enterprise integrating manufacturing and maintenance of casting, forging, riveting and welding, machining, rail transit electronic and electrical equipment, research and development of construction machinery and small-sized CNC machine tool and rail transit non-standard tooling.

The company has more than 521 employees including more than 180 technical personnel, and more than 1000 large-sized production and testing equipment, such as casting and forging, CNC machining center, welding robot, three-coordinate measuring machine, direct-reading spectrometer, etc. Moreover, the company has 4 independent incorporated companies with actual control right, with total assets of nearly RMB 240 million The company has relatively-strong technical research and development and production capacity, with one provincial-level technical center, and annual output of 20,000T casting parts, 5,000T forging parts and 6,000T riveting and welding parts. The company has passed ISO9001 Quality Management System, CRCC Production Qualification License, EN15085-2 Welding of Rolling Stocks and Parts Standard Certification, and AAR Railway Products Certification. The company has been accredited as a high-tech enterprise by Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Henan Provincial Department of Finance, Henan Provincial State Administration of Taxation, etc. a Work Safety Standardization Level-3 Enterprise by Luoyang City and “AAA” Credit Enterprise by the bank.

The company is equipped with more than 1000 advanced machining equipment, such as CNC machining center, floor-type boring-milling machining center, turning-milling machining center and CNC machine tool group, welding robot, large-sized laser cutting machine, gantry type CNC water cutting machine, 1600T press machine, etc. Moreover, the company has powerful production capacity in casting, forging and stamping, riveting and welding, machining, etc., and complete testing and metering means. Each year, the company can provide more than 50000T machinery products.

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